Corrosion is the spontaneous and unwanted destruction of a metal, which must be prevented for technical and financial reasons. Maintenance costs for industrial facilities and buildings can be reduced by up to 25% by carrying out regular inspections and repairs. (more…)


The useful lifetime of an anti-corrosion protection system primarily depends on the corrosive properties of the environment, the proper preparation of surface, the number and thickness of layers applied, the quality of the product and the effective application that is completely free from errors.

The corrosivity of the environment is classified into the following categories in accordance with reference standard for Anti-corrosion Protection EN ISO 12944-2:

Corrosivity categories
C1 Insignificant
C2 Low
C3 Medium
C4 High
C5-I Very high (Industrial)
C5-M Very high (Marine)


Meanwhile, the durability of the protection is classified in the following intervals:

Durability of the Protection
Low 2-5 years
Medium 5-15 years
High Over 15 years


Regulation 12944-5 gives practical examples of anti-corrosion protection systems for the three levels of expected durability.

Since 2018, we have represented Geholit+Wiemer on the Spanish market, a leading German brand specializing in coatings for industry and anti-corrosion protection. This partnership enables us to offer our clients guidance and the most advanced solutions in terms of technology and paint formulation. With respect to our contribution to the environment, we are equipped with systems that enable us to reduce the emission of volatile organic compounds significantly:

A. Water-soluble resin-based coatings: For over 35 years, Geholit+Wiemer have been pioneers in research in this field, having developed and implemented water-based anti-corrosion systems completely successfully.

B. High-Solid coatings that also reduce the need for solvents, based on increasing the solid content of the product by over 75%. They are particularly suitable for use on surfaces for which optimal preparation is not possible.

CERVERA SISTEMAS DE PINTURA provides a comprehensive anti-corrosion protection service, including technical advice, application and maintenance.