The basic building regulations (TBC and RSCIEI) and local guidelines stipulate an obligation to take passive and active fire protection measures in building, public establishments and industrial premises.

To prevent industrial structures collapsing due to heat, they must be protected and insulated with materials that slow down the increase in heat, such as pearlite/vermiculite mortars and intumescent paints, among other materials. (more…)


When they come into contact with fire, these materials trigger a physico-chemical reaction that increases their volume up to one hundred times the original thickness, so the foam formed, which has an extremely low heat transmission coefficient, insulates and protects the metal structure from fire damage. The time for which the structure remains stable when exposed to fire depends on the thickness applied and the profile shape factor.

The finish of pearlite/vermiculite mortars gives an ivory white appearance and a rough texture. It can be painted in any chosen colour.

The finish of intumescent paint is smoother and more attractive than pearlite. The base colour is matt white, but a fireproof satin enamel layer can optionally be applied in any shade chosen from the RAL colour chart.

On completion of the work, we issue certificates and testing reports in accordance with the applicable legislation.